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IDEA Part B and Preschool Project Application


Kemper County School District


Executive Summary and Data Review


SY 2014-2015


Grant H027A140108 and H173A140113






Kemper County School District reviewed the SPP/APR District Performance Report for Federal Fiscal Year 2012 to determine successful and unsuccessful target areas related to result and compliance indicators. The SPP/APR data indicated that the district did not meet four (4) of the target areas with a percentage of 11.8%; however, the data revealed that the district met twenty-five (25) target areas at 73.5%. There were also five (5) areas that were not applicable due to the small number of students represented in the specified target areas at a percentage of 14.7%.


The Kemper County School District was especially pleased with the successful target rate of twenty-five (25) indicators with the 73.5 percentage rate. The successful areas are noted as follows:


·         FAPE and LRE: Indicator 2 (Dropout Rates), Indicator 3 (Assessment Participation) AMO and 3B, Indicator 4 A & 4B (Suspension and Expulsion Rates), Indicator 5 A, 5B, and 5C (LRE Placement for 6-21), Indicator 6 (Preschool Placement), Indicator 7 SSI-(Preschool Skills) Met SSI A, B, and C. SS2- Met A and C. Indicator 8 (Parent Involvement)


·         Disproportionality: Indicator 9 and 10 (Disproportionate Representation in Special Education and Specific Disability Categories)


·         Child Find: Indicator 11(Children Eligible in 60 days)


·         Effective Transition: Indicator 12 (Part C to B Transitions), Indicator 13 (Secondary Transition with IEP Goals), Indicator 14 (Secondary Transition /Post School Outcome) Met 14 A and B.


The Kemper County School District has procedures in place to ensure that the successful targets will continue to prevail; therefore, we will continue to review and monitor SPP/APR data to ensure compliance. In addition, Kemper County School District will continue to implement professional development activities that are centered on researched-based strategies that are designed to improve the learning opportunities for students with disabilities.


The target areas that are not met are listed as follows:


·         FAPE and LRE: Indicator 3 (Proficiency -Reading 19.51% and Math 21.28%), Indicator 7 SS2 B (Preschool -Acquisition and Use of Knowledge/Functioning Within Age Expectations)


·         Effective Transition: Indicator 14C (Positive Engaged 80%).


In an effort to implement strategies to improve the areas that were not met, the Kemper County School District will utilize trained consultants to provide professional development to assist teachers with the understanding of Common Core Standards in reading and math and as well as helping teachers gain the knowledge necessary to implement teaching strategies that will lead to successful learning opportunities for students with disabilities. The professional development sessions will include a joint effort between general and special education staff. The professional development activities will be incorporated for the next five years to address the areas of reading and math that will hopefully lead to a higher proficiency percentage each year. The district will utilize literacy coaches at each school site to assist with coaching and modeling of research-based instructional strategies. In addition, the interventionists will assist with providing interventions for students who are struggling in reading and math.


Kemper County School District will collaborate with Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation to jointly plan services for students with disabilities to ensure smooth transition from school to work. This will include the implementation of career exploration and job readiness skills that will lead to successful job placement or enrolled in postsecondary schools. Furthermore, the collaboration between Kemper County School District and Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation will promote the involvement of parents, family members, guardians and advocates.


The implementation of the strategies discussed in this summary will lead to increase in reading and math test scores and successful transition outcomes.





















Our mission is to provide a quality education for the children of Kemper County Schools.